Product Reviews

Music Reviews:

Damon “Daril” Nailer is a multi talented entertainer who has seen success. He has produced 3 Cd’s and conducted 100s of performances. His musical style uplifts the audience with subjects ranging from life lessons to spirituality. Solid beats with meaningful lyrics allow this hiphop artist and songwriter to stand out from the pack. From checking out his tracks, I can tell how he can be a very moving performer.- Paul Ruth-The Independent Music Scene

I’ve been listening to your music. It’s very uplifting with a great beat, even my little 17 month old daughter thinks so. She was dancing to your music. Maria Hilliard- OMG Global

“When Daril tells his “Thug Story”, he certainly doesn’t sugar coat it. This may be the story of one man, but it tells the stories of many men who turn to drugs and crime, instead of doing good. Yes, this is actually a positive gangsta rap song!” Robert Macintosh-IndieMusic

Book Reviews:
What a powerful, uplifting and inspirational book. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s something that every person can find value you from and I assure you there are people who need to read and think about the messages you put forward to help get their life back on track. Meagan Fitzgerald-Anchor for 9News KUSA (Denver Colorado)

I just finished reading your book. What a wonderful thing you put together. I think it is a very valuable tool to those who are really struggling. I wish your book could get to all of the prisoners who really struggle with the path of life and could use some practical and encouraging words. I do think anyone could benefit from it, though, as it is a good reminder and way to re-center. Joan Hammel-Recording Artist

Thank you for sharing your book. I began reading it this evening. I discovered it contains very practical wisdom that can be applied everyday. I will use it as my current devotional and also share it with my husband Lori Chrysanthopoulus-Friend

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