DaRil Features/Coverage List

1. The NewStar 
2.The Monroe Free Press
3.Monroe Dispatch
4.Gospel Synergy
5.Divine Lifestyle
6.The Independent Music Scene
7.Independent Music Universe 
8.Holy Culture 
9.Good Morning ArkLaMiss 
10.Idea Girl Consulting  
11. Longe Magazine 
12.Independent Music Blog 
13.The Dabbling Mum 
14.Indie Music Feed
15.Hip-hop & Fashion
16.M-Pire Magazine 
17.Vents Magazine
18.The Christian Enquirer 
19.Official Feature
20.Indie Motions
21Abscondo (Kosice, Slovakia) 
22.Entrepreneur Wilderness (London, United Kingdom)
23.The Stuart Vener Show
24.Tough Talk Radio Network
25.The Hollis Chapman Show 
26.The Wheat Report 
28.Project Daybreak (Brussels, Belgium) 29DymeSquadMagazine  
30. Pressing through the Press 
31.Video Praise 
33.OMG Global 
34.The Olinka Show 
35.The Covenant Café 
36.Real Talk with Lee 
37.Spirit & Soul Network Radio 
39.At the Sugar Shack 
42.Living Well Talk Radio 
43.Fellowship FM 
46.Creative Magic Unchained
47.Business Innovators 
48.The Knowledge Show
49. The Timo Show
50.Bridging the Gap
51.Twanna Ray Live
54.Honest Dialogue
55.The Larry Stevenson Show
56.Let’s Glory in the Lord
57.The Grok Show
58.The Ernie Miles Show
60.Blisshacker Show
61.On the Level with Bunny
62.Your Community News
63. What’s Happening Now
64. TheAuthorsShow.com
65. Louisiana Living
66. JeningsWire.com
67. We Choose Parenting
68. Different Strokes for Different FolksNever Ever Gi
69. Don’t Give Up Radio
70. The Good Radio Network
71. The Robert Plank Show
72. Butterflies of Wisdom
73. The Godsquad
74. Never Ever Give Up Hope
75. World’s Most Amazing People

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