“Multifaceted”, “passionate”, and “skilled” all describe Damon “DaRil” Nailer.  DaRil is a New Orleans native who currently resides in Monroe, LA.  Known as a “Renaissance Man” and a “Multi-talented Inspirational Communicator”, Mr. Nailer does many things.  Among them are  mentor, motivate, educate and address people’s mental, spiritual, and emotional needs through various means.  He writes inspirational books and blogs, he speaks, he coaches, and he even produces inspirational music.   His experience is outlined below.


Energetic Educator (7 yrs.) taught reading and English at the elementary level.

Dynamic Speaker (22 yrs.) has conducted over 300 speaking engagements.

Talented Music Producer/Songwriter/Recording Artist (18 yrs.) has released 6 musical projects.

Uplifting, Knowledgeable Author (12 yrs.) has published 2 inspirational eBooks- The Great Taste of Success & A Greater Taste of Success, 1 nonfictional book- Revelation Rightly Revealed and a coaching program-The G3 Journey.

Diligent Janitorial Business Owner (11 yrs.) has served as the CEO of Expert Cleaners.

On the personal side he is a devoted husband and proud father.

DaRil’s Expertise/Features

DaRil possesses the ability to effectively inspire and educate any audience due to his diversity of gifts and wealth of experience in the following arenas: educational, entrepreneurial, religious, entertainment, and radio/TV.  As a result of his tremendous accomplishments, he’s  been featured over 80 times in or on the following: various online publications including The Huffington Post, TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, and magazines.




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