A Code for Success

There are three vital components needed to accomplish your goal(s)/dream(s)-communication, meditation, and activation.

Communication– speak externally (out loud) the things you desire to have or wish to achieve. This sows seeds into the atmosphere/universe. In due time, with the right maintenance and conditions, those seeds will germinate and produce fruit. Also, share your goal(s)/dream(s) with trustworthy individuals.

Meditation- visualize, ponder and speak internally the things you desire to have or achieve. Review and speak your goals when you arise in the morning and before you retire at night. This way it’s on your mind while your active during the day and in your spirit while you rest at night.

Activation- devise a basic plan which includes your goal/dream, steps to achieving it, and a time frame in which you will complete it. More than likely you will have to make adjustments to accommodate unforeseeable obstacles and circumstances but never stop pursuing your goal(s)/dream(s).

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