Prophetic Simulation Cycle

Man, what a morning. To see the graphic video of the fatal shooting just messed me up. Of course just like any other normal person, I was in my feelings and broke down. Immediately I went into prayer and as always God began to speak and reveal the following.

Matthew 24- Nation (Nationality) shall rise against nation (nationality). Many shall be offended and shall betray one another and hate one another.

1. We are experiencing the height of what he termed a “prophetic simulation cycle” which means that some aspects of end time prophecies are coming to pass at an alarming rate. About 25 plus years ago we were in another prophetic simulation cycle where there was racial tensions, injustices, and black on black crime/violence. The reason it’s called a simulation is because it’s preparation for the final manifestation but it’s not the final manifestation.

Check out the similarities between now and then.

1989- Do the Right Thing was filmed and Fight the Power was recorded to address the heated racial tensions and injustices.
1989- Self Destruction was recorded to address black on black crime/violence.
1990- We’re All in the Same Game was recorded as anti-violence message.
1991- Rodney King Incident occurred.

The difference between now and years ago is that there are much more prophetic end-time pieces present than before. What we’re experiencing is a spirit of deception that is causing distraction by baiting us into hate. It’s fulfilling scripture but it’s also preparing for something on a global scale. Few points I must emphasize.

1. There will be a uniting of nations and a strong global community. There was a recent meeting to basically discuss forming a global police force to fight terrorism.
2. Notice that in both of these cases they have been turned over to the feds (national police).
3. The Brexit ordeal plays into this as well. With the US being overwhelmed with its issues and division in Europe, neither of these world powers will be able to give much assistance once the Antichrist comes into power and begins to conquer
4. The signing of the Iran nuclear deal was so crucial.
5 The 3 major monotheistic religions all point to the Antichrist coming through Islam and the Christ returning for Christians/Jews.
6. Isis is gaining tremendous strength and is basically unstoppable despite what nations are doing.

Bottom line is that this stuff is all a part of a huge picture. Don’t be deceived. We are much closer to the final 7 years of this age than you think.


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