Revealing the Resurrection

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Of course many people associate today’s holiday (Easter) with pagan practices.  However, the actual truth of the matter is found in the comprehensive celebration of 3 of Israel’s spring feasts.   Below is an explanation of those three feasts in the Old Testament and how they are connected with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in the New Testament.  These excerpts are from my book Revelation Rightly Revealed (R3).   Visit  to obtain your copy.


Old Testament Practice

This event served to commemorate the Israelites’ final night in Egyptian bondage when the death angel smote all of the firstborn of Egypt, but passed over all of the homes that had the blood of the Lamb applied to its door posts. This was indicative of salvation for the Old Testament people of God-Israel. The blood kept the people of God from destruction and it provided a means of deliverance from the enemy.

Jesus’ Fulfillment in the New Testament-

Jesus was crucified to serve as the sacrificial lamb on Passover. This is necessary for salvation for the New Testament believer. It protects us from the destruction of Satan and hell. In addition it delivers us from the power of Satan and the curse of sin.

Unleavened Bread

Old Testament Practice

The day following Passover began this feast. The Israelites were to eat unleavened bread for seven days. Because it is unleavened bread, it’s free from any additives. As a result, the fact they were commanded to eat it without leaven demonstrates emptiness, purity, and consecration to God. Furthermore, the children of Israel had to place/hide the bread in an oven to bake it before they consumed it. The baking involved fire which would purify and process the bread.

Jesus’ Fulfillment in the New Testament

Jesus was the bread of life. He told his followers they would have to eat his flesh to have eternal life. We know that his body was holy and consecrated unto the Lord. It was placed/hidden in the tomb and his soul went to hell. He escaped/resurrected from the tomb and he completed the processing in hell (the fire) and came forth with the keys to death and hell.


Old Testament Practice

Once Israel sowed seed in the Promised Land and began to reap, they were to bring the firstfruits of the harvest and give to the priest who would then present it to God.

Jesus’ Fulfillment in the New Testament- Jesus was the firstfruits and firstborn among many brethren. This was exemplified when He was sown/buried into the earth and then reaped or resurrected. When He resurrected from the grave, serving in the role of perfect high priest, he presented himself unto God as the firstfruits.

Revelation Rightly Revealed book-


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