SciFi vs Spirituality

I’m not sure if you have noticed but lately Hollywood has been creating many Apocalyptic/SciFi movies about the end of the world and an alien invasion. This is being done to prepare us for what’s to come.

Let’s look at four interesting concepts explored in many of these movies.

1. Aliens supernaturally infiltrating the human race and using people’s bodies’ as hosts
. In Christianity this aligns with the born again experience whereas the Spirit of God supernaturally fills a believer’s temple and begins to use that person as a vessel for his glory.

2. Aliens coming into the earth’s atmosphere to abduct those people who were serving as hosts or who they desire to utilize as hosts. In Christianity this concept aligns with the First Resurrection or the Rapture as it is called. This is when the Lord is going to descend into the earth’s atmosphere at the sound of the 7th trumpet to redeem the born again believers and sealed Jewish remnant.

3. Aliens invading the earth to conquer and rule over all of humanity. Here again is another Christian concept being exemplified. This is going to be the inheritance phase where Jesus along with the saints of God are going to come to earth to establish his millennial kingdom in this realm.

4. All of the world’s armies will come together to oppose this alien takeover. This illustrates the battle of Armageddon where all the kings and countries of this world unite to fight against Jesus and the armies of heaven.

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