Jesus’ First Return

Jesus’ first return will be for what’s called “redemption”.  This event is also called The First Resurrection, The Day of Redemption, The Gathering, and The Coming of the Lord.

The word redemption is the act of ransoming and rescuing someone.  Both definitions are relevant to us within the context of salvation.  Jesus gave his life as a “ransom” or payment for many.  He was able to buy us back from the captivity and ownership of the devil.  In addition, at the First Resurrection he’s going to “rescue” /”redeem” the born again believers who were sealed by the Holy Ghost and washed by the blood of Jesus in preparation for redemption and the 144,000 Jewish remnant who God redeemed from the earth and the angel sealed in preparation for redemption.

What will take place is Jesus will descend from heaven riding on a cloud at the sound of the seventh trump of God that’s blown by an angel.  The dead in Christ will resurrect and the born again believers who are alive will meet him in the air.  In addition, the 144,000 sealed or remnant Jews will be “gathered” or “taken” by the angles into the presence of the Lord.

All of these individuals (the dead in Christ, the alive born again believers, and the 144,000 Jews) will disappear into heaven with the Lord.

Excerpt from upcoming book Revelation Rightly Revealed (R3). If you’re interested in workshops that will accompany the book, please contact us.

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