The Mind

Definition of Mind

The mind is one of the most integral components that we possess as humans. It is defined as the principle of intelligence, spirit of consciousness, focus of thought , attention, and reasoning.

Function of the Mind

The main function is that it’s our Initial Processor. It’s responsible for filtering everything that we experience through our senses (sight, sound, taste, feel, smell) into our souls and spirits.


Because it is the Initial Processor that everything must pass to enter the rest of our inner man, it’s also the First Battleground.

As the First Battleground it either accepts or rejects the stimuli that it comes into contact with. We play a part in this by either casting down negative/evil thoughts that arise due to what we have seen, heard, or experienced or we receive them and send them to the next place which is the soul.

Summary of the Mind

Similar Human Organ– Brain
Thoughts– Conscious
Memory– Short Term
Similar Computer Part– Jump Drive, CD

Excerpt from The Total Man Series.

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