The Meaning of the Word “No”

What does the word “no” mean to you? For most of us, it means you can’t have or do a particular thing. It’s a negative response to a request, offer, or question. Normally, when we receive the “no” we just stop there and oftentimes feel very disappointed. Well, I have quite the revelation and solution for this.

After hearing it so many times in so many different instances, I had to adapt this acronym to keep me from losing my sanity. The word “no” means three things to me.

No= Next Option- Whatever option you receive a “no” for, just move on to the next one. That one option or several options are not the only ones that exist. Continue looking for more despite the no’s.

No= New Opportunities- Whatever opportunity you receive a “no” for, just simply chalk it up as one that will miss the greatness that you have to offer. Many times the opportunity that you are trying to take advantage of is not all that you believe it’s cracked up to be. There are always bigger and better opportunities awaiting you. Keep knocking on more doors and eventually the designated doors will open for you.

No= Not Over- It is not over until you cease to exist. As long as there is blood flowing through your veins and arteries and breath being inhaled and exhaled out of your body, it is not over. I’ve had some serious encounters that by all means seemed like everything was over. However, it was in the midst of these experiences that God showed up and showed out by providing an escape route which in turn provided deliverance.

So from here on out, adapt these three meanings of “no” into your life and when you hear it, it definitely won’t have the effect that it once had.

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