Dream, Illusion, or Imagination

Have you ever honestly asked yourself, “What am I pursuing and living?”. When we brutally and objectively analyze it, we are pursuing and living one of three things- a dream, an illusion, or our imagination. What is the difference and how do you know?

A Dream or Vision is a visual mental picture that is inspired by God. A dream occurs when we are asleep: however, a vision occurs while we are awake. There are two types of visions. The open vision is when you see the picture with your eyes open and the closed vision is when you see the picture with your eyes closed. Two perfect examples in the bible that experienced all three are Joseph and Daniel. What’s important about the dream/vision is that since it’s inspired by God, He is obligated to bring it to pass as long as we align ourselves with it and obey His instructions.

An illusion is a mental picture inspired by Satan. It’s a deceitful dream or vision that may look good on the surface but it will lead to pain, problems, and eventually destruction. We see this also in the bible when the devil shows Jesus all of the kingdoms of the world in a moment. Had he bowed down to receive them and their glory, he would have disqualified himself from receiving God’s glory that he could on receive after fulfilling the entire mission.

An imagination is a mental picture inspired by the human spirit. It’s also deceitful and seems right but the end of it is the same as the illusion-pain, problems, and destruction. The bible shares a great example in Genesis 11 where the people were unified and were able to do anything that they “imagined” they could do. Wow- The power of imagination!!! This is so scary to me. We can actually accomplish many things on our own that are not a part of God’s plan, vision, or will.

Before we go on any further, let’s make sure that we are pursuing a God orchestrated vision/dream and not a self concocted imagination or Satanic created illusion.

You can receive the video of this full lesson or videos of the entire Dreams & Visions series with study sheets. In addition, it’s a part of the D3 Training Program. If you’re interested in either one, message me for details.

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