Support System

You may have heard the old adage “No man’s an island”. This statement is true to a certain extent. I’m one to know and realize that in all honesty”success breeds support”. In other words, you will have to function as an island for a season and once people see you experiencing and enjoying success, they will then “connect” with you. Once this occurs, there are three types of people who will form your support system.

Excited Supporters
These are individuals who will travel with you as long as things are fun and exciting. They normally don’t last long at all. Once the initial stages of enthusiasm wear off, these people will lose interest, disconnect, and go on to pursue something else that’s new and exciting.

Reward Supporters
These folk will travel with you as long as there is some sort of payoff. It can be a monetary payoff, exchange of services, providing of opportunities or even continual recognition. Whenever the payoff ceases, these people will “disconnect” from you and find the next place or person from which or whom they can receive a payoff.

Committed Supporters
These are the greatest and most valuable people you will ever connect with. The only problem is that they are few and far in between. These individuals will remain loyal to you and your vision beyond the excitement and enthusiasm and they do not require any payoff. These people love and respect you and just want to help you in any way possible to succeed.

In forming your support system, know that all of these supporters are necessary but you need to identify each group so you can interact with them accordingly and so you won’t be disappointed or deceived.

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