True Transformation

“Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

In order for us to grow as individuals, we must feed our minds (intellectual side). Many of us are guilty of constantly feeding our souls (emotional side) and bodies (physical side). We love sports, comedy, and entertainment because of the good feeling, enthusiasm, excitement, and adrenaline rush they provide. The only problem is that these emotions are short lived and very limited personal growth occurs within us.

For us to “transform” and “renew” our mind, we must feed it “new” information and “new” revelations. The problem many people are having is that they desire to grow and change but they continue to experience the same things and feed themselves the same content over and over again. Exposing ourselves to new endeavors will lead to new experiences and new encounters which will introduce us to new information and new revelations. Once this occurs, we will automatically grow and evolve into more open-minded, mature individuals.

In short, let’s make it a habit to partake of and give attention to things that feed the total inner man-mind (intellect), soul (emotions), and spirit (energy source).

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