Talkers, Dreamers, Planners, & Achievers

Some talk about success (Talkers). These individuals can inspire and excite anyone with their awesome gift of gab. They can convince anyone of anything, yet, they hardly ever accomplish those great ideas/concepts that they present.

Some people dream about success (Dreamers). These individuals house the world’s greatest imaginations. They have the splendid gift of visualization. They can see any and everything happening. They can convince you with the intricate and specific details they claim that they see. Yet, they barely accomplish anything that they tell others they have seen.

Some people plan for success (Planners). These people are great at calling meetings and writing everything down. Every time you look, their solution for everything is to just call a meeting, talk about things, and then write an action plan. This is great. But, these people never go beyond the formality of the written plan and ideas. As a result, things continue to not get done but these individuals are satisfied with just continuously calling meetings to be able to say that we met and discussed things and here is the written agenda.

Some people achieve success (Achievers). These persons talk about what they are going to do; they dream/visualize themselves accomplishing their ideas/goals; they create a formalized plan, and most importantly they put forth the works to back up the words, actualize the dream, and fulfill the plan.

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