Preparation for Destination

Many of us are experiencing the process and preparation for destiny. What God uses are simulations. Simulations are similar experiences that resemble the actual experiences. This concept is utilized in the armed forces, work force, and athletics. In these arenas they are called training and practice. The closer the simulation is to the reality, the better prepared and trained you will be. For example, Joseph went through two simulations of being a top assistant/second in command (overseer of the slaves and keeper of the prisoners). These two experiences thoroughly prepared him for being 2nd in command to pharaoh in Egypt. In addition, David was a keeper/shepherd of actual sheep. This prepared him to be the shepherd of the sheep (people) of Israel.

What we must do is make sure to not take the practice and training with the simulations lightly because most assuredly we will need the revelations and education for the similar experiences we encounter at our destination.

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